Cranstons and Orton Grange Farm seize the moo-ment for fresh milk

10th November 2021

Orton Grange Farm and Cranstons have launched milk vending machine, bringing minimally processed, zero food mile milk to North Cumbrian customers.

Customers can buy a glass bottle from Cranstons’ Orton Grange Food Hall then return time and time again for a refill from the vending machine, reducing plastic waste whilst enjoying delicious fresh milk from the farm’s parlour right next door.

Orton Grange Farm is home to over 300 cattle, typically 120 cows are milking at any one time.

Emma Little has been working at Orton Grange Farm for almost 25 years. She started as a Saturday girl and now manages the farm’s black and white Holstein herd.

Emma said ‘it is really exciting to offer our milk direct to customers here on the farm where it is produced.

“The milk is pasteurised on the farm to ensure it is food safe but is not further processed as is the case with supermarket milk.

“The fact it isn’t homogenised means customers will still experience the delicious cream you get on the top of the tank. I’ve been taking milk home from the tank for years, it makes a really good coffee and is great for baking.’’

Orton Grange Food Hall manager Chris Russell said: ’We are really chuffed to be able to offer customers fresh milk from right here on the farm.

“Cranstons are well known for our links with local farmers on our meat and delicatessen ranges so it is brilliant to be able to offer milk produced right here on the farm too… we can hear the milking parlour from the food hall, it’s just a stone’s throw away.

“The milk machine is just one of a number of eco-friendly initiatives Cranstons are currently involved in, we recently launched a Cumbrian grown vegetable range at our food hall in Penrith which we hope to adopt here at Orton soon’.”

The Martin family have been farming at Orton Grange for over 60 years. In 2003, Richard and his sister’s diversified opening a gift shop and café. The business has grown over the years with the site welcoming The Shearing Shed hairdressers, The Loft beauty rooms and Carlisle Swim School.

Cranstons food hall opened in 2013 on the site.

Richard Martin, of Orton Grange Farm, said: “My sisters and I are really excited about this new venture which will create a stronger link from farm to food hall.

“We grew up drinking fresh milk from the tank and supermarket milk just doesn’t compare, we think it’s great that locals and visitors alike can enjoy our pasteurised milk in reusable glass bottles, we know they will enjoy the fresh farm milk experience and that it will mean less plastic milk bottles going to landfill.’’