Meet our team! Say hello to Steven Davidson

29th April 2022

Steven Davidson, assistant manager.

Caroline – marketing assistant at Cranstons recently sat down with Steven Davidson who is an assistant manager at Carlisle and Brampton Food Halls to have a quick informal chat.

(Caroline) – Thank you for taking the time to meet with me today! I know you are very busy man! Let’s talk some business shall we? Tell me how it all started!?

(Steven)  I know, I joined team Cranstons in February 2019 but that seems a distant memory away (laughing loudly).

(Caroline)- I know right, life goes fast when you are having fun! So … Why Cranstons?

(Steven) – Having lived in Brampton I’ve seen Cranstons go from the small local butchers shop to the food hall it is today. Every time I visited the staff were always happy to serve and willing to help with any questions. I applied for a deli assistant job at Brampton Food Hall as I wanted a change from my old job. I was a chef and the split shifts and late nights weren’t the best, the hours that Cranstons were offering caught my attention.

(Caroline) Are you enjoying it then?

(Steven) Yeah I love it, it’s great fun – when I started it was just the change I needed. Learning about the history of Cranstons and its commitment to working with local farmers and suppliers.  

(Caroline) Your career progression within the company is very impressive!

(Steven) In the 3 years I’ve been here- a lot has happened! I was employed in Feb 2019 and in Feb 2020 I was promoted to food hall supervisor! This was a shock to me as all I had done was go to work each day and give my best. Mark Mallinson my manager and the Cranstons senior management team had taken notice of me and recognised that I had leadership skills which could be developed. In Feb 2021 I was promoted again to Brampton assistant manager. This was a personal goal for me. I never started at Cranstons with the intention of being a supervisor or management. If someone said that this is where I’d be after two years, I wouldn’t have believed them. Then in September 2021 myself and Mark took over the running of Carlisle shop in addition to our existing Brampton management roles. Having to run two food halls can be a handful but I couldn’t ask for a better boss than Mark.

(Caroline) What’s your typical day at Cranstons?

Well no day is the same. Going into work you might have an idea of what you’re doing that day but that can change instantly when you go through the door. My role as assistant manager means I could be covering on any department at any of the two food halls whether that’s doing the morning cashing up, unloading the wagon, baking the pies for the days sales or filling up the butcher’s counters or shop floor. I certainly enjoy the change every day and the chance to work around all departments it gives great insight to how both Food Halls run. My main role is at Brampton (but I do the same tasks at Carlisle when I’m there) over-seeing the day to day running of the food hall while Mark covers Carlisle. This includes daily ordering with local suppliers, managing staff rotas and responding to any issues that arise with the team, customers or suppliers. I look at sales all the time and work with senior management to make any improvements, making sure our Food Halls moves forward with fantastic displays and customer service.

(Caroline) Have you made any new friends?

(Steven) The Brampton team is more than a team – it’s like a second family! Seeing them for 40+hours a week we all look out and support each other especially with the recent pandemic. As a team we regularly go to our local pub. One of our team performs each year at the Green Room Theatre Christmas pantomime in Carlisle and we use this a team night out and go support him – it’s such a laugh.

Caroline) Ok. Time for the quick fire round…. What was your first job?


(Steven) Working in a busy hotel kitchen as a trainee chef. 

(Caroline) What’s your favourite book?


(Steven) I wouldn’t say I’ve got a favourite book but I do enjoy Gordon Ramsay autobiography “Humble Pie” or any good cook book!


(Caroline) What would you be doing if you weren’t in food industry?


(Steven) Probably something to do with transport I like driving around and visiting new places – Enjoying freedom of the road! 


(Caroline) When it comes to food.. What would be your last supper?


(Steven) It’s got to be a slow roast lamb leg roast with all the trimmings!


(Caroline) … and what is the weirdest thing you have ever eaten?


(Steven) Tripe in warm milk (yak never again!)


(Caroline) … Not a fan either! Sweet or savoury?


(Steven) Most definitely sweet. I think I’ve got the biggest sweet tooth in the whole of Cranston’s any sweet samples I’m always there!


(Caroline) What’s your motto?


(Steven)We have one life, live it to the full don’t dwell on the past – change the future.


(Caroline) What inspires you?


(Steven) Definitely my parents! They encourage and support me, always pushing me to take new steps, to have ambition and to make a difference.


(Caroline) That’s so great Steven. Thank you so much for taking the time to do this!

(Steven) Thanks Caroline, thanks for making me feel like a famous rock star (haha)