Peter’s Top Tips for Christmas Food Success!

1st December 2022

The Christmas Season has begun, and we’re calling on our Retail Manager and Master Bucher, Peter Potts, for his Top Tips for Christmas Food success!

Share the load with your guests

Ask your guests to bring a part of the meal, most will be only to pleased to contribute to the day and you’ll have less to prepare and have more time to enjoy the bucks fizz!

Plan ahead, you’ll thank yourself later!

The biggest thing you can do to ensure you are able to enjoy the season is to plan, plan and plan again. Write a menu for each day and a list for each shop you need to get to in the week before Christmas, purchasing dry goods or tinned food as far in advance as you can.

What about the Christmas turkey?

As a quick rule of thumb if you are ordering a whole bird allow 500g per person. If you are buying a boneless breast joint or any other joint then 300g per person should suffice. Some poultry items are in short supply this year so order early to avoid disappointment.

When carving any whole bird, it’s best if you can, remove the leg and whole breast first. This makes it easier and allows you to carve the breast across the grain into slices – this is much easier than carving it intact.

Remember to get your knives sharpened by our teams early in December – our butchers are run off their feet Christmas week so might groan if you present knives for sharpening then!

What if I don’t want turkey for my Christmas dinner?

If you’re budgeting more carefully at the moment, our Christmas Cushion is a tasty and great value alternative to a whole bird that will generously feed four adults. Our sausagemeat garlands are also brilliant value for money if you are looking for tasty sharing food.

Cranstons has a host of Christmas goodies to keep your festive season swinging.

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