General enquiries

Opening hours

The definitive opening hours can be found here

Any seasonal changes to our opening hours will be published on our social media pages and our website.


I’m holding a charity event and would like a raffle prize

Please see our community support page for further information and to contact.

My gift voucher has expired, can the date be extended?

Unfortunately we are unable to extend the expiry dates on the vouchers. We give ample time of 12 months from purchase date for recipients to spend the value of the vouchers. This is stated on the reverse of the voucher and should be explained at the point of purchase.

Charitable Discounts

We can offer a 30% discount on bulk orders for charities and voluntary organisations. Please be aware that it is at the discretion of each shop manager and the discount only applies to Cranstons branded products.

If you feel like your organisation would benefit from this, please call in or phone your local Cranstons.

I didn’t receive a Cranstons promotional postcard in the mail, why?

We run four promotional postcard drops a year which are distributed by Royal Mail. We choose the postcodes based on a number of factors including accessibility to our shops and the commercial success of previous mailings in each area.

Cranstons alter the distribution for each postcard drop rewarding different customers each time.

Once the postcards leave our printers they are delivered to Royal Mail – they are responsible for their delivery.

Sometimes your friend at the other end of the village may receive one, and you may not due to the sectors being different.

We’ve noted that some postmen and postwomen only deliver the postcards if you have other mail that day.  This is something beyond our control, but you can always pester your postie if you think you’ve been missed!

Cooking instructions

All guidelines for our oven-ready products can be found here


Online orders

All of our online order and delivery information is available here

Should you have any issues or queries regarding your order, please get in touch with your order number, name and address on our contact form. Alternatively you can give our team a call on 01768 868680


My query hasn’t been covered.

If you have a question that we haven’t covered in our FAQs, feel free to contact us here

We’ll endeavour to answer your question(s) as best and as quickly as we can!