Inspiring the Younger Generation

4th April 2024

Cranstons Area Manager, Mark Mallinson, recently attended a ‘Visions Morning’ at Lanercost CoE Primary School, where the children had the opportunity to meet people from different careers.  Many of the children recognised Mark, as their families were regulars at Cranstons Brampton Food Hall.


Mark took along a small, handheld mincer and sausage-making-machine, and used them to explain the process of making sausages and mince. He also took a full chainmail apron that the children were able to try on, explaining that it keeps butchers working on large pieces of meat safe.


Mark said ‘’It was brilliant to be involved in this inspiring event. My table was between an Air Traffic Controller and a TV Camerman so I was worried food production would be less exciting! The Cranstons table proved popular though as the children liked seeing how food was made and enjoyed trying on the chainmail. I talked to them about all the different careers involved in making and serving food’’.


For the older children, Mark explained how our apprenticeships work, emphasizing that there are options after school for those who do not want to carry on in an academic setting. He explained that food production apprenticeships are a great option for people learn better practically, with the ability to use their hands and learn on-the-job. Mark is passionate about apprenticeships as he was himself an apprentice.


The children were also shown photos of Stanley Cranston our founder delivering meat from his horse and cart to residents in the Eden Valley over 100 years ago. Mark highlighted Cranstons long standing commitment to supporting local farmers, reducing food miles, and promoting transparency in sourcing, he encouraged the children to consider the impact of their choices on the world around them.


Mark “I have really enjoyed my time at the school, I would definitely do it again. 3 hours speaking to lots of fantastic curious children was full on but very entertaining! It was great to share my passion for what we do at Cranstons with the children – I hope I have encouraged some of them to think about a career in the food industry’