Local pupils carve out a unique learning experience as they meat our team!

13th July 2023



We welcomed Queen Elizabeth Grammar School, Year 10 Food Preparation and Nutrition students to our Cumbrian Food Hall this week to learn about Cranstons products and our long-standing commitment to local sourcing.

The pupils spoke with our Cumbrian Food Hall Manager and butcher Rob and Hazel our Assistant Manager and Deli Specialist. They also visited the Fyne Fish concession and spoke to Sharon and Jane who provide Cranstons Cumbrian Food Hall customers with delicious locally sourced fish.

The students learned about Cranstons local and sustainable sourcing, as well as how we avoid food waste and the steps we take to ensure all of our products are top quality. We feel they might have enjoyed our tasty samples too!

Rob showed them how to joint a chicken… making it look very easy! He then talked about where all of our meat comes from in the local area, what part of the animal makes which product, and the seasonal changes we make within our counters.

Hazel then talked them through the deli, introducing them to our local cheese range, and moving onto our deli meat counter, explaining that we cook and carve the meat ourselves. Lastly she told them all about our made-by-us pies, explaining how we make the fillings with our own local meat in our busy kitchen.

Lastly, the pupils stopped by Fyne Fish where Sharon and Jane explained about wild fish, and sustainable fish farming, and the pros and cons of each. According to the kids, seeing the live crab was definitely something to remember!

We would like to say a big thank you to Rob, Hazel, Sharon and Jane, for sharing their extensive knowledge.

We would also like to thank the teachers and pupils who came on the trip, who were so eager to learn and a pleasure to teach.

Thank you for coming to see us, and we hope to see you again soon!