Sue Carr retires after 30 years’ service

28th February 2024

Ian Haworth, Philip Cranston, Sue Carr, Mark Mallinson

Philip Cranston, and Carlisle Shop Managers Mark Mallinson and Ian Haworth, presented our long-standing team member, Sue Carr, with her retirement gifts last week, thanking for her hard work and dedication over the years.

Sue has been a much-loved member of our team, working behind the scenes in the production kitchens and on the shop floor in a career spanning 3 decades.

Shop manager Mark said: “Everyone’s going to miss Sue, she’s been a loved and respected member of the team throughout the years. She brightens everyone’s day, and knows everything there is to know about Cranstons. We wish her all the best, and we are looking forward to hearing stories of her retirement.”

Sue started working with us back in 1994. Back then, Cranston’s Fisher Street was a smaller shop with a large commercial kitchen in the back. Sue was part of a team producing cooked goods for all of our shops. In 1999 the bespoke production unit was built in Penrith, and the commercial kitchen in Carlisle shop was converted to retail. Sue helped set up, and worked in, the new production unit in Penrith for 5 years, before returning to Carlisle as a shop assistant.

Sue said, “Thinking back to those first few years in Carlisle shop, it was crazy busy producing pies and cooked meats for all the other shops, but I loved it. Everyone rolled their sleeves up and worked well together, it didn’t matter if it was me or one of the Cranston boys, we all got it done and had a great laugh while doing it. I’ve always taken great pride in all the local produce we create.”

She added; “It’s been wonderful to work with so many brilliant people over the years, and to see how the company has grown. I’ll miss the team and customers but I’m looking forward to my retirement. My husband bought me a greenhouse in September and we’re growing our own vegetables, so I’m excited to have more time in the garden. It’s strange making plans, knowing I don’t have to check the rota… But I like it!”

Philip Cranston expressed his thanks for the huge contribution Sue has made to the shop, he said: “It’s been wonderful to work with Sue throughout her career. I can’t thank her enough for the commitment and care she’s always shown when making products and serving customers. I wish her the very happiest of retirements,’’